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Shut-up and learn some Go


There have been huge amounts of exciting Go projects emerging in the last year, just to give a brief list of the ones I found very interesting:

Advantages of Go

Go has very interesting properties compared to other languages:

  • Provides Light Syntax
  • Supports concurrency at the language level, thanks to the Go routines
  • Compiles very quickly
  • Includes garbage collection
  • Scales Go Routines extremely well

It seems to be a perfect fit for scientific computing, high concurrency, server applications, and talking with little experience of Go, it also seems to be a good fit for web:

Is Golang the new language to learn?

If you fancy learning something new today, why not? Go is a great language, growing a lot in popularity and adoption in companies. As a Programming Language, Go is a pragmatic evolution of C and includes countless benefits of other languages like Python & Ruby.

A good place to get started could be Go by Example.

Are you learning Go, if so what is your opinion? Do you think that Go will play a huge part of our IT ecosystem in the following years?

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