Python and Django NVD3 - May 27

Over the past year, I've built 2 projects related to Charts, Python-NVD3 & Django-NVD3. For those of you who aren't familiar with NVD3 yet, please visit their website (, NVD3 will help you build re-usable and attractive charts with the power of D3.js ( A ... Continue reading.

Asterisk on Docker - Feb 17

Asterisk is an open source PBX system, created by Digium, more exactly, authored by Mark Spencer. Asterisk PBX allows people to make calls to each other but also connects them with telephone services, such as reaching the public network or VoIP services. Asterisk is certainly the number one PBX system ... Continue reading.

Nikola, one kickass Site and Blog generator - Feb 13

Nikola is a static Blog & Site generator, it's built in Python and it's to my opinion a very interesting Python project and one of the best site generator out there. I want to take the opportunity to thanks Roberto Alsina, who authored and who support the project, as well ... Continue reading.

Costa Rica & Nicaragua Pictures - Feb 06

Why share new pictures when there are good old ones ? I dug in my archive folder and found a few good picks that had never had the chance to hit the Web. They are a year old and were taken during a trip to Costa Rica & Nicaragua. I hope ... Continue reading.

Shut-up and learn some Go - Feb 05

There have been huge amounts of exciting Go projects emerging in the last year, just to give a brief list of the ones I found very interesting: Docker: which has just announced their new release 0.8 ( Viewdocs: https ... Continue reading.

From Nikola to Ghost - Feb 03

Nikola a great Static Site and Blog generator and the codebase is all Python which is a great plus for Pythonist, the project is very mature and includes douzen of plugins and free templates. So quite a good choice if you look at a solution for your next website! If ... Continue reading.